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Mind Body



Vibrational Healing

Aligning the body to the source. With 2012 fast approaching, more and more are realising the life we

lead is not flowing and soon with the great cleansing more people will feel the new vibration. After many

years of channelling the new world where healing is ignited in ourselves has arrived. ever evolving, this

healing is being done by the soul and angels to re-align the body back to the source. Many experiments

and demonstrations are showing the power of the source when ignited in bodies. No longer are we here

to heal others but to share in the expereince of healing. Once you learn to align the body you will be

vibrating a new "pure vibe" energy where negativity can't attach. A peace santuary is being created

within to accept the new vibration as you become the vessel of peace.

* New products will be put on soon as years of audio creating is now being releases

Soul  guidance

' to bring peace we must follow our soul '

With the new vibration it is more important that you clear out the negativity thats stops you being

guided to a higher vibration. Why not book me for sessions on releasing old mannerisms, start flowing

once more and clease past emotions stopping you from flowing. This can be done over the phone

NEW - Vibrational audio

Ever evolving a new audio to replace rescue audio has come out where in 28 minutes you can flow

and merge with the new vibration. This amazing "pure vibe" feeling will eventually release old negative

conditioning as you spend time merged with the source. Why not get my mind, body, spirit cleansing

healing complete session to give you a good foundation to a pure connection. Just donate at the bottom rrp �7.00


Rescue audio to change flow vibration

'change your flow from swimming upstream to downstream as you go with the flow'

Mp3 download 56 minutes long. (special introductory price from 14.99 to 9.99 pounds)

Why not try the programme / rescue audio to start flowing, see how everything you do can be changed to flowing.

Then you start to enjoy life as everything falls into place. After 40 years of swimming upstream this channelled

information after soul awakening, opened my eyes to realise that there is no such thing as material and spiritual,

that in all is the essence of flowing downstream, to access you learn to be the river, to just do it, experience and

eventually 'just be'..

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Mediumship advanced complete package (everything in audio & extra

info for beginners and advanced total pack over 5 hours downloads and 1-2-1 help)

This complete pack was channelled by spirit and is in audio form, with
over 5 hours of mp3 to listen to, with insights with 40 questions, 5 meditations,
40 topics of secrets to mediumship. This natural approach gets you back into
being what you have always been "a medium" , every day spirit are
communicating and we

are not communicating back. Once you become the energy of spirit, you can
even communicate

with loved ones, everyone is amazed how this simple technique that
haS taken 25 years to channel from spirit works. Everyone who has tried
has achieved this natural way to mediumship..
With 15 visualisation to
to get you doing automatic, this is a must for those who failed
or even professionals wishing to learn the secrets.( Special price of 35.00

including 1-2-1 mediumship with a medium who can..)

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Mediumship awakening 1-2-1 by phone or skype, speak to 
loved ones and clear that which stopping you.

Get re-connected to the energy flow where access to spirit is alot easier, you will be taken through
step by step training to communicate with spirit and find out who is communicating with you.
Unlock blockages
that may stop your clairvoyance. 
(by phone, skype available - online takes 30-45min in 1-2-1, price 20.00 pounds)
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Mediumship package (15 visualisations download or cd )

This unique package given to me by spirit, gives you 2 1/2 hours of visualisations that done
each time create a 
new experience  as you develop until it becomes automatic. This condensed training is years
of training put in a 
simple form to enhance your ability quickly.

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Mediumship secrets exposed 40 questions (download mp3)

The most asked question over years  of developing and
teaching that most mediums 
don't want you to know. 

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Mind, Body & spirit Cleansing (includes past, present, vibrational healing and tools.

.This powerful new healing is a complete mind, body & spirit balancing session. From channelled information from the source, using nature energy and love to cleanse the soul. Can be done distantly and 1-2-1 basis. Change your mannerism, release blocjkages and programming that attracting negative situations to your life.

This includes past & present life healing, with insights into protecting from re-programming and stopping future negativity being put in the body. Also includes vibrational healing, one stop package at silly price for complete mind, body, spirit experiencecombining all three techniques. Total time required 1.30hrs - 2 1/2 depending on lessons, attachments and programming. ( special price 35.00 pound, usually 65.00 pounds)
A donation is all thats needed and can be done in person or over the phone.

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Healing Past Life

By learning past life lessons you dissolve and take away the reasons you act
the way you do through learning your emotional turmoil which creates who you are
and why your mannerism have been created. This session gets you into the source,
trace to past life lessons and stops you learning those lessons in this life. (price 25.00 pounds)
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Present / childhood healing
Clear the lines from your childhood, passed on emotions from parents and find out why
you attract certain people into your life. Clear pain and emotions from the present to
attract abundance.Very powerful clearing from attracting future abuse and same
lessons and not feeling the pain from the past. (price 25.00 pounds)

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Vibrational healing, change your vibration back to the source, find the lack
vibration which is creating what you havent got with attachments and flow
once more as abundance..(introductory price of 25.00 pounds). look out for ebook and audio
on this The source, just do it, change your vibration from lack to abundant. Also created rescue
audio 56 min long.

Healing Packs
Reasonable price healing for individual areas of your life, whether needing a top
up of energy, protection, cleansing emotions and more, why not buy individual
healing to suit.

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Meditations Total Meditation cleansing package
This meditation was created to cover all areas of your life, even ordering from your
soul and finding answers, most are asleep as the program works in all areas from chakras,
emotional baggage, healing, protection and soul connection. (download price only 5.00pounds)

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House CleansingHouse cleansing unwanteed guests
Do you know what was in your house before you, or what negativity you brought home.
Well this cleansing package not just cleanses your home but also you. Get rid of anything attracting bad luck into your home before it is too late. (donation available, unless dealing with possessions and curses)

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soul awakeningSoul awakening audio  
(special offer 10 pounds mp3 download, just donate price)
This audio was given to me by spirit after years of soul searching, this insightful
information has helped me understand my life. It has helped many to change their
lifes and the e-book
"ignite your light within" was created on the back of this. (just donate 10 pounds
and link will be sent)

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Soul Awakening ultimate package

This incredible package will change your life..

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workshops & 1-2-1     If you want to book a workshop please let me know which one you would like to do
and will inform  you when have got enough together or if you have four or more..
soul awakening, house cleansing, paranormal, psychic development
and latest is past / present
life healing.
(email stevebradshaw69@hotmail.com)

Private booking already booked:
September 19th - past / present life healing
October 17th - Mediumship
October 26th - Past / present life healing
November 6th - mediumship
November 12th - Mediumship
January 3rd - Talk on past life ( southampton)
January - Link with loved ones
Feb - Past / present life
April - Mediumship 
Energy exchange every month

1-2-1 training
Why not book me in for some 1-2-1 training, where you will be
assessed on your ability, and developed in areas needed. Just email
for how many hours required for discount rate


Soul awakening is all about 'igniting the light wirthin'

Soul awakening is about bringing peace to your life. Healing through communication is my purpose in life and with the help of spirit guidance or the source, I am able to help those see the light within. If you receive intuition and gut feelings you are being guided each day on your life plan that you have chosen. This simple, genuine information gives you the tools and knowledge to change your life, your thoughts and bring happiness back into your life. Whether for work, spiritual or just to understand why? These products focus on the secrets and actual experience of connecting to the soul. With all my experience and connection with spirit, I want to pass on the the main areas that have changed my life.

love, light & peace

Steven Bradshaw


  "ignite the light within" ebook click for more information. This information is channelled from the source giving you insights with examples of "why" we are who we are and why we attract. With over 50 quotes, this ebook for free and donation accepted gives you the ability to ignite the light within. ( this book is taken offline

and being updated, email for old copy.


Please fill in the form to tell us what exactly you have donated towards, you will be contacted with 

the relevant products.  Donations go towards "new world healing"

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