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What Clients Say

I am SO blessed to have met and worked with the remarkable talented and gifted Marilyn.

This program is a MUST for anyone looking for direction, guidance, knowledge and confirmation for your life path, your Soul purpose, what you have chosen to achieve and become in this lifetime as well as gaining insightful little gems about yourself and why you are who your are.

You learn SO much about yourself and discover if you are on track and how intuitive or in-tune you are with your life's direction. I learn So much about Astrology itself, how it works and its influences and guidance. I also learnt a great deal about myself. It was humbling, empowering, insightful and enlightening.

Marilyn provides such a brilliantly accurate and unique program and tool for anyone seeking direction and finding out about themselves. I cannot recommend this program enough!

Thank you, Marilyn You rock 🙂

Chrissy | Australia
Chrissy | Australia

Thank you for the amazing insights that I have gained both in my personal and professional life. I have been working with Marilyn with natal astrology consultations for several years now and the accuracy of her work and her personal insights have provided me with guidance to make decisions confidently and guided me when I felt unsure.

This has included significant decisions about my career and personal life which I now look back at retrospectively and know that through Marilyn’s work I was able to gain insight that assisted me in making some bold choices to live my own truth.

Nikki | Australia
Nikki | Australia

I had never given astrology much credence because I could never relate to anything I read about my star sign. I literally called myself a non-practicing Aries! As Marilyn walked me through my natal chart I appreciated her genuine desire to help me understand how astrological energies affected me personally and how to tap into them when I need them.

You get to my age and it's easy to get lost in all my roles as parent/daughter/sibling/work colleague but Marilyn brought me back to the original essence of me and who I am. It was such an amazing and positive experience! For me it was incredibly validating.

Gabby | Australia
Gabby | AustraliaVirtual Assistant | Web Designer

Astrological coaching with Marilyn was an amazing experience! Each weekly meeting was a great support for me in a difficult period of my life, and Marilyn's sensitivity, empathy, wisdom and tenderness were extremely helpful. I received great support, a lot of knowledge about my chart and astrology in general. Suddenly, all the nuances of the planetary systems in my horoscope became clear, and the cosmogram became a tool, not just a secret.

Marilyn, thank you very much again! I miss our weekly meetings and your big heart 🙂

Anna | Poland
Anna: PolandEnergy Healer

Dear Marilyn,
How happy and surprised I was to be the lucky winner of an astrocartography, through you asoulawakening Instagram community. I was even more amazed a few days later when I opened the e-booklet sent to me. A comprehensive document of 33 pages of information and images, very attractively designed. I make a deep bow to you. I took my time to let the content sink in. It is amazing how you know to derive information from the position of the stars, planets and locations on earth. Very recognisable information about me, my deep wounds and healing, about transformation and pitfalls, about effects of choice on my potential for all three locations. Absolutely spot on.

You breathe astrology. I highly recommend you. And an astrocartography. Thank you for your diligence, generosity and deep knowledge of astrology, Marilyn.
Agnes | The Netherlands
Agnes | The Netherlands

If you are looking for insight and coaching to support you through life, Marilyn is your lady! She is one talented woman who integrates her knowledge of different modalities to provide more meaning and depth to life.

Over the years, her services have assisted me through many life transitions and I am not sure where I would have been without the support of her astrological insights and vibrational healing. My mind, heart and body are beyond grateful for the work this wonderful human being brings to the world.

Coraline | Australia
Coraline | Ausralia

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