Connecting with the Cycles of Nature

The Moon is all about reflection. After all, the Moon reflects the light of the Sun.

Following the Moon through her phases and learning how to harness her energy can help you reflect on your life, your dreams, your goals, your relationships, and is a wonderful guide to help you live your best life.

Self-reflection can inspire self-discovery.

Astrology Connecting with the Cycles of Nature _ Starry Night Sky

It can be difficult to remember that we are part of nature, living a busy life. Yet, when we connect to the vast and vibrant vistas we know how this fills and soothes our soul, how the wilderness inspires us.

That the limitless expansiveness of stars in the night sky fills us with wonder. And yet it’s so easy to feel detached from all this.

Connecting with the Cycles of Nature | Moon PhasesUnderstanding the Moon’s phases can help you reconnect with the cycles of nature. Connecting with the Moon’s natural rhythm marks time for soulful self reflection, challenging situations, to heartfelt jubilation and everything in between. When we are in harmony with the cycles of the Moon, the pace of our life becomes easier and our energy is restored. It’s likely, you’ll find you’re more grounded and less stressed. Learn about the eight Moon phases here.

Connecting and living in harmony with the Moon and the stars connects us with our own inner Universe. Every year we make our annual journey around the Sun, that marks our birthday. Every thirty days brings a new focus as the Sun moves through each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Giving our attention to the themes represented by each sign supports us to journey deeper into our understanding of ourselves.

The Moon has her own cycle of twenty eight days, from darkness in the sky to full of light. During the growing (waxing) phases we develop and grow. As she reduces (waning) in size we release, revise and reset. Each month the Moon takes us on an emotional journey as she swiftly moves through the twelve signs of the zodiac. While the Sun shines a light on the astrological house each month. Together, the Sun and the Moon work in harmony to deepen our self awareness and support our personal growth.

As we each go about our days, we might notice the Moon in the late afternoon as we’re driving home, walking a beloved pet, sitting on our balcony, or catching a glimpse of the light in the sky through the window. The magical glow arouses a feeling, that is difficult to put into words and stops us even for only a moment, yet brings joy and feeling of worth and security.

At the time of a New Moon, there is little light to attract and catch our attention. It is during this first of the eight Moon phases when the Moon is scarcely visible in the sky. Like the darkness and unseen of the earth soil, the Moon begins her new cycle.

A time to set your New Moon intentions, to listen to your intuition and to connect with your inner world of feelings and sensations. Your connect to your hearts desires.

Create yourself a special space

Astrology Connecting with the Cycles of Nature _ Create Your Space

An alter, a comfy place to sit, an entire room, that you like to be in. A space where you can focus or meditate to help you with connecting with you higher self. Here you’ll find 6 Helpful Meditation tips for beginners. Should you desire, place special objects around, smudge your space, light a candle, infuse essential oil, or play calming music. Bring in whatever reminds you of who you are, who you are becoming, your dreams, values, beliefs and spirituality.


Create yourself an affirmation for each New Moon and incorporate this practice as part of your New Moon ritual. A suggestion of New Moon rituals are available here. Know that the affirmation is an agreement you make with your self. An agreement to create something new, that will support you to move in the direction that you desire and to live the life of your dreams.

Birthing your Desires, Wishes and setting your Intentions

Astrology Connecting with the Cycles of Nature _ Focus and MeditateBegin by setting aside 20 – 30 minutes each month during the New Moon phase to focus on your wishes. When it comes to setting your goals or planning ahead for your future there is no better time to get started than during the New Moon phase. Any intentions need to be written down as the written word carries power, so take care in considering what you truly desire. The saying “be careful what you wish for, you might get it”, is fair warning whenever practicing setting your New Moon Intentions.

We are dealing with the Moon cycle after all. Besides, sometimes we forget to appreciate the smaller pleasures in our lives while we are waiting for the BIG stuff to come in. If you only write statements like, “I want to win the lottery” on your list, then you are limiting yourself by not allowing abundance to flow from a multitude of avenues.

You may also like to create a vision board, or scrape book. This is a fun project. You’ll be amazed how these things begin to find their way into your life once you start the process.

However, you chose to do this, I ask you to remember the most important thing is that you realise the power of the New Moon and your opportunity to create change each and every month of your life.

A NOTE to self:

  • Wishing – what you want to see come to your life?
  • Intentions – what is the feeling that you are embodying?
  • Commitment – what do you need to commit to in order to see this come to life?

Using the principles of the natural Law of Intention and Desire as described by Deepak Chopra MD.

Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfils all of our needs, whether for  money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love.

Every that happens within the Universe begins with intention. When I decide to buy a birthday present, wiggle my toes, or call a friend, it all starts with intention.

The sages of India observed thousands of years ago that our destiny is ultimately shaped by our deepest intentions and desires. The classic Vedic text known as the Upanishads declares, “You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

An intention is a directed impulse of consciousness that contains the seed form of that which you aim to create. Like real seeds, intentions can’t grow if you hold on to them. Only when you release your intentions into fertile depths of your consciousness can they grow and flourish.

Remembering, when you align with the New Moon to set your intentions, you are activating the law which states, “the future is created in the present”.

1. If you have a New Moon intention list from last month, re-read and thank the Universe for what came true. If you find that one or two intentions are no closer to coming true, consider if this is something that you really need. Note also, what’s on your list that you have moved closer to?

2. Below your Affirmation statement, write down up to ten of your desires/intentions for the coming four weeks. Try not to limit yourself.

3. Be specific and remember, manifesting smaller items on our lists actually creates a steady flow of chi giving your list a boost. These smaller manifestations create movement, allowing an ebb and flow of the tides.

4. When you write down your intentions, be as creative as you like, either using a sheet of paper with a pen, or coloured pens, pencils etc. The more energy you invest, the better your results are likely to be.

5. Read your intentions out to the Universe then either throw out your list, or set is aside to check at the next New Moon cycle, to see what you have manifested, or what needs to be reconsidered.

Now for the ESSENTIAL Part

Astrology Connecting with the Cycles of Nature _ Speak to the Universe6. Really, really FEEL how you would/will feel is and when your intentions come true. Hold this felling/s.

7. Now it’s time to get on with your week, month until the next New Moon, comfortable in the knowledge that you’ve expressed your intentions too the Universe and do all you can to manifest your intentions.

8. Important: If you wish and wish and wish and your intention isn’t closer to coming true, consider if this intention is really right for you.

Connect with your personal natal chart, know where the New Moon is being activated for you for any month and set clear purposeful intentions. Learn more here.

Timing is everything. Using your natal chart as your personal guide, dive in and begin working in harmony with the New and Full Moons.

Follow the Moon through the year. Set your intentions at each New Moon phase and let the Moon illuminate your path and guide you to connecting with your inner Universe.

Once you blossom into the brilliance of who you are, and flow with the rhythms of nature in tune with your authentic self; this is when you know you’re alive. 

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Astrology Connecting with the Cycles of Nature

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  • Agnes

    Hello Marilyn,
    What an inspiring and well written blog. I will sit down and formulate my ontentions and wishes, working together with the energy snd power of the moon. Thanks again for your eisdom and knowledge, Agnes ( _ compleet_)

    • Marilyn

      Thank you Agnes, I’m delighted and truly grateful to read your kind feedback. I trust that connecting and working with the natural cycles of nature and the power of the Moon brings many joyful gifts that support you in your personal journey. 💕😏

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