Finding Inspiration in Changing Times

Finding Inspiration in Changing Times

There are times when it feels like we’re on top of the world. Everything’s going our way, and we feel confident that the future will bring us more good times. And then, of course, there are the moments when things aren’t going quite as well. It’s normal to feel a little lost during the changing cycles throughout life. In fact, these times are a wonderful opportunity for self reflection and personal growth as individuals.

However, these times can be challenging and even a little scary. The good news is that there are always places you can look when you need a little dose of inspiration. In this blog, you’ll find some suggestions to help you through these transitionary periods.

Inspiration in Changing TimesGoing Within

The first place to look is within yourself. This isn’t to say you’ll find all the answers there, however the truth is that you’ll likely find more useful information than you think. Sometimes, it’s just about slowing down and checking in with yourself. If you can do this, then you might learn what is the path forward for you. If you find it difficult to look within try meditation, to support your inward gaze.

Inspiration in Changing TimesNature

We all have access to nature. When we spend our time living in busy cities, it can be hard to get the perspective we need to make decisions that’ll benefit us on a long-term basis. Yet nature provides a calming space. Just by going for a long walk in nature, you’ll likely come up with plenty of good thoughts and ideas. If nothing else, you’ll feel better. Did you know that spending two hours in nature each week has been shown to increase happiness and decrease anxiety? 

Manifestation Connecting with the Cycles of NatureConnecting with Your Natural Rhythm 

Gazing at the evening sky and the ever changing light of the Moon. Allow the vast and vibrant vista to fill and sooth your soul, and be open to how the vastness inspires you. Let the limitless gift and expansiveness of stars in the night sky fill you with wonder and find how easy it is to feel detached from all that this.

Inspiration in Changing TimesExpand Your Horizons 

When you’re looking for inspiration, movement can be an excellent way to jolt yourself into a new way of thinking. Moving in just about any direction can be effective! One of the most effective methods is to take a trip to a different country. It’ll open up your mind to new ways of being. If possible, pick a destination that’s vastly different from your hometown. As an avid traveller, I’ve personally always wanted to visit Mexico, and specifically Cancun, and the amazing history. So I’ve been researching and looking at options for planning a trip with the Travis vacation planner app. Being away and experiencing a new country can be wonderful and on returning home your likely to be filled with new ideas about where you should take your life.

Inspiration in Changing TimesYour Past 

You’re thinking about your future, however that doesn’t mean that you need to discount everything that’s happened in your past. You’ll likely have done a lot of good things in the past, so why not reflect and rejoice with parts of your history? You may want to avoid doing the exact same thing as you did in the past, but you may find inspiration in the general attitude and life you had in the past. If you can invoke that attitude again, you may find that you can get yourself back to a place that you’re really happy with and enjoy. 

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Be well, stay safe and be kind to your beautiful heart.

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