Finding You with your new found Love of Astrology

Finding You with your new found Love of Astrology

Many people set New Year’s resolutions, while others set New Moon intentions each month to achieve their goals and desires. Whenever the time frame, more people are now turning to the esoteric wonders and insights of Astrology. Astrology opens a whole new mode of lifestyle that encapsulates a personal investment in holistic changes.

The following are four lifestyle choices to provide you with understanding a little insight into Astrology.

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Discover inner peace

Your desire to understand astrology, whether it be your star (Sun) sign and the many layers of you that are found through natal astrology, to global events through electional astrology or mundane astrology for global affairs to name some of astrology’s guiding practices, is about control. You want to gain a deeper understanding of the world around you, starting with yourself. An introductory to any Astrology learning is understanding the four elements; Fire, Earth, Air and Water. We each have a blend of these four elements that supports our personal understanding of human movements and our desire to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Change comes to all of us and it’s during times of change that you can create more inner peace through the practice of meditation. Meditation supports the calming of your mind and the constant internal chatter seen by the Air element. When practiced on a daily basis may become one of the smartest decisions that you’ll ever make as this leads to lessening the internal chatter. Connecting your mind, body and soul can therefore, put you in a stronger position to engage with astrology and its influences on your life.

Besides, it’s a move that guides and supports your lifestyle and general wellbeing.

Finding You with your new found Love of Astrology

Embrace the great outdoors

Nature’s gifts are endless from the comforting feeling of swimming in a lake or stream, to a relaxing afternoon stroll along a beach or hiking in the great outdoors. These and many other outdoor activities provide you with a greater appreciation of the gifts in our natural world. Spending more time exploring and being outdoors is the key to making this happen. Specialists like EcoGearFX provide great outdoors and fitness equipment and accessories for hiking and more. Whether you take on the adventures alone or with loved ones, the results provide the enjoyment of connecting with nature. Also, you’ll been connecting with the Earth element and when out on a night adventure you’ll hopefully (weather permitting) have a chance to gaze at the infinite night sky of stars.

Engage with positive lifestyle changes and choices that support you to enrich your life.

Finding You with your new found Love of Astrology

Take a hold of your drive

Opening your mind to new experiences and exploring new ideas is a great means to aligning to your authentic self. Running and scaling new heights or the presentation of a new idea or concept brings the feeling of expansion and drive. Tapping into what motivates you to reach new goals and achieve your dreams is brought out by the element of Fire.

A light bulb moment is worth exploring.

Finding You with your new found Love of Astrology

Treat yourself to me time

Make a weekly self-care practice of gifting yourself to ‘me time’ to recharge and nurture you. Soak up the comfort of your own home and enhance your self-care practices with scented candles & long hot soaks in your bath, relaxing in your favourite chair with a good book, or an afternoon in the kitchen cooking up a delightful feast for yourself and others. This weekly ritual will make you feel connected to the nurturing element of Water, within and you’ll be grateful that you did.

Creating relaxing and magical moments that supports your inner peace and joy.

Learn more

It’s the aged old saying; ‘”the more you do what you’ve always done, the more you get what you’ve always got”. It takes effort and it takes time and understanding you to embrace change and set yourself on a path that brings an enriching life. Therefore, the more you put into life, the more you’ll get out. The sentiment certainly rings true for your new love of astrology. Learning how it can influence your life by reading Your Sun Sign is a strong starting point.

A little knowledge goes a long way. An important reminder.

Share your new love and join others

Nothing encourages you to gain more knowledge than the feelings for a new passion, quite like sharing it with others. In an ideal world, you will have friends or relatives who will be equally interested in developing an understanding of the esoteric wonders of Astrology. If not, I invite you to join us in A Soul Awakening’s (closed FB) Community, where you can learn more about the wonders and insights that Astrology brings in a shared and safe environment with like-minded people. Aside from the joint passion with others, I’m here to support you with learning more about the magic that is you.

Enjoy an enriching and fulfilling journey.

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Be well, stay safe and be kind to your beautiful heart.

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Finding You with your new found Love of Astrology Finding You with your new found Love of Astrology

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