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Thank you for your entry and interest in receiving your personalised Where Location Matters e-booklet.

Are you feeling called to a particular location in the world?

Learn ‘where’ you’re being called, and ‘what’s’ calling you.

The astrology of place, where location matters brings a whole new and far deeper dimension to why you return to a favourite location, or journey to a new one. Why you make the big move to relocate to somewhere totally new, be that a conscious choice or your intuition was guiding you. Why some new locations are far better than you could have possibly imagined it would be. Yet others have you on edge and questioning why are you there!

Please complete and submit below – birth details, and in comments section provide ‘three’ locations that are of interest, and why.

Thank you

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1. You’ll need to provide your birth details: birth date, birth time and birth location (town/city and country). To ensure the accuracy and validity of the information provided, your accurate birth time is essential. 2. In addition to answering question as in post, you consent to becoming an email subscriber to A Soul Awakening. 3. Having personally relocated from my birth country of Australia, to the Greek island of Crete; I invite you to read my personal first hand account of how relocating to another location away from your birth location, brings new experiences and lessons waiting to be learnt. https://asoulawakening.com/where-location-matters/ Good luck with your entry.

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