Previously being a World Vision sponsor for more than fifteen years and experiencing first hand, having visited the first sponsored child in Recife, Brazil and seeing the contribution a sponsorship makes to the lives of others, is truly a memorable and enriching experience for the child and the sponsor.

I’ve now become aware of Kiva and the ‘Loans that changes lives’. Kiva is a non profit, crowd funding, micro financer that goes beyond charity, re-thinking how we give.

Why Choose Kiva

As the lender, you get to choose your borrower by a number of variables; like: country, gender, business type, education, shelter, refugee status and a few more.

You also get to read each borrower’s story which helps you decide on a good business proposition.

I invite you to learn more about how Kiva works here.

Why, you might be thinking am I sharing this information? In short, I’m making a commitment to contributing a varying monthly value based on the purchases from my clients for the services and products I provide.

It’s about giving back, about empowering and supporting others with a hand up, not just a hand out.

Kiva - How it WorksKiva also has a bonus program…

For every new user you successfully invite to join Kiva, you’ll earn a $25 free credit, which can be used to make a free loan to a borrower of your choice.

It can’t be cashed in and there is no affiliate profit to be made. Just more love to share!

So if after reading this, I’ve inspired you to pay it forward and hop on the Kiva bus, please use my link below to join!

You will then receive your own link to share, providing you with a free $25 to lend.

Here’s my link to join Kiva

Every little bit counts right?

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