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We all have personal indicators that remind us that we are out of balance. Some people know they are out of balance when they’ve missed their morning meditation, or some other practice or form of exercise. For me, I have a few signs that remind me when I’m out of balance. And, the best way I know to support myself to re-centre and find my balance is to look up and that is the beauty of the night sky. And I don’t mean taking a glance, I mean really looking up and soaking in the light and wisdom that is present in the most powerful force of nature. The Moon.

The moon cycle affects the tides and affects our emotions on varying levels. When we are open to understanding the cycle of the moon we can use this knowledge to enhance our connection with her powerful cycles throughout every month. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, we each need to address and clear obstacles and embrace opportunities to manifest miracles in our everyday life.

“Recognising that you are a contributor to a greater good.” 

In honouring my astrological archetype I regularly draw upon the power of the moon. As a Cancerian Sun sign, Ascendant and placement in other planetary bodies, I enjoy connecting with my ruling archetype and aligning with the ebbs and flows of daily life to maintain peace and harmony. Over the years, I have found many ways to honour the gifts of the lunar cycle.

Moon Phases _ The Moon and Soul

In astrological lore the Moon phases are often said to reflect phases of the soul, and describe where you are in a series of eight tiers of incarnation. The theory suggests souls incarnate with new or different life/karmic themes at the start of the Moon cycle (i.e. at the New Moon) and that as your soul gradually masters aspects of these themes, you’ll incarnate through progressive phases until you reach the final phase of release (Balsamic).

Like astrological lore, in modern astrological practice the Moon phases are used to describe the rhythm or nature of your birth chart and your life. The importance of the Moon phases has long been respected by ancient astrologers and was reintroduced to the modern world during the twentieth century by the astrologer Dane Rudhyar. The links between the Moon phases and reincarnation are said to have evolved centuries earlier from the eastern astrological philosophies, where fate and karma have a greater influence.

Moon Phases _ Your Heavenly Rhythm

Our fascination with knowing our Sun or star/zodiac sign is a reflection of modern day society’s preoccupation with the individual ego, the conscious mind and one’s creative output: how we shine, qualities of the Sun. The Sun or star/ zodiac sign is one of the easiest astrological factors to generalise, making it easier for modern society to cater to the general public through Sun sign columns and the like.

Take a few minutes and research or inquire with an Astrologer who can confirm what Moon phase you are born under. Knowing the Moon phase you are born under, describes your instinctive personality urges, from an emotional, unconscious and soul perspective and reflects the basic rhythm of your life: how you feel, qualities of the Moon.

Your Sun sign is subtly, however essentially different depending on the Moon phase you are born under. The combination of Sun sign and Moon phase creates a holistic description of an individual and shows the masculine, yang – Sun and feminine, yin – Moon characteristics of human nature.

Moon Phases _ Celebrating with the Moon

The significance of the Moon and its phases are reflected throughout history. We are reminded of this significance with the calculation of dates for major religious festivals.

In 325CE the Council of Nicaea established that Easter would be held on the first Sunday after the first Full Moon occurring on or after the vernal, March equinox. The Full Moon can therefore, occur anywhere up to a month after the March Equinox, being why the date for western Easter changes so much from year to year.

The Jewish Rosh Hashanah, “head of the year or New Year festival“ starts at sunset on the day of the New Moon closest to the September Equinox.

There are numerous other religious festivals across various faiths, including both Chinese and Vietnamese New Year and Ramadan, that are timed to either the New or Full Moon in certain astrological signs or in relation to a specific equinox or solstice.

Moon Phases Quote - 1The Eight Moon Phases

The eight moon phases are precisely 45 degrees in zodiacal longitude; covering 45 degrees of the space on the zodiac wheel. The zodiac wheel like all circles is 360 degrees and our eight 45 degree Moon phases last approx. 3 ½ days.

Reflection on what the Moon is doing at each phase; be this gaining or losing light, helps to understand the intrinsic rhythm of anyone born under that phase. Generally the waxing, known also as growing cycle from New Moon to Full Moon, shows growth, development and establishing; whilst the waning, known also as loosing light cycle through the Disseminating to Balsamic phases, shows a time of graciousness, giving and reflection.

Moon Phases _ Ying and Yang Phases

Within the Moon cycle, we work with eight Moon phases. Four of these are Yin and four are Yang.


New Moon – First Quarter Moon – Full Moon – Third Quarter Moon

Like those born during the first half of the Moon cycle; this is the time during each Moon cycle month to start; to set intentions; to create and establish new structures, new systems; to integrate new schools of thought; and to build on creating your dreams.


Crescent Moon – Gibbous Moon – Disseminating Moon – Balsamic Moon

During the waning cycle, from Full Moon back to New again is a cycle of release, giving back and return, working towards designing new structures, new systems that are old, out dated and ready for renewal. Recognising that you are a contributor to the greater good.



Moon Phases _ New MoonIn this Moon phase there is little light, therefore making an ideal time to set your intentions, to create a vision of the way you wish to experience yourself; your life; your relationships and more other experiences. A time to plant seeds, that supports you to create and manifest your dreams.

It’s also an ideal time to set your intentions for the coming Moon month cycle based on the astrological house placement activated by the New Moon for your Sun or star/zodiac sign. Check here for some suggestions to create your ideal space.

Then it’s time to:

  • Write a list of your intentions, your goals for the future; may be in your journal. Create a vision board. Be creative!
  • Read your intentions out to the Universe then either throw out your list, or set it aside to check in at the Full Moon, to see what you have manifested.
  • Then follow up at the next New Moon cycle.


Moon Phases _ Crescent Moon


As the Moon grows larger in the sky, the seeds planted during the New Moon phase begin to emerge from the ground, tentatively putting their feelers out to the world.

Knowing that there is more to come, tune into yourself and practice slowing down a little. Who are you really?, and what do you truly desire; what do you truly need?

Find creative ways to navigate through your busy day-to-day life.

Direct your energy towards specific causes and goals in preparation for the coming First Quarter phase.



Moon Phases _ First Quarter MoonFIRST QUARTER MOON PHASE

Growth shots are taking form and the seedling becomes a strong plant. It’s time to take action. Don’t wait until things take flight before being very clear about what is really very important to you. Working smarter, rather than harder helps you to acknowledge your objects.

This is a great time to refer back to your New Moon intentions for the month. What action can you take during this Moon phase to ensure you are working and moving towards manifesting your goals; your vision; your dreams?

Be mindful that this phase can also create tension or bring on nervous energy. Maintain your passion and steer yourself gracefully through any challenges.


Moon Phases _ GibbousGIBBOUS MOON PHASE

Buds are taking form, fruit begins to grow. It’s time to devote time to personal development and to nourish and support you. Resting and restoring are not‘ nice to haves’, they are essential.

During the Gibbous phase a sense and acceptance of ‘Trust’ is needed. Being with uncertainty, going within and having trust that all is coming together.

Find time and ways to learn and develop your craft, reach out to develop skills from a respected mentor or master. This phase can also teach us, where we should acknowledge dis-trust and learn that trust is not the same as blind faith.


Moon Phases _ Quote - 2


Moon Phases _ Full Moon

FULL MOON PHASE – Celebrate your Progress!

Flowers are in bloom, fruit ripens. The Sun and Moon now stand opposite each other, showing the other in complete glory.

The Full Moon is the culmination point of the Moon cycle, the plant has matured and reaches the peak of its expression. It is during the Full Moon phase when there is a tide of energy flowing toward Earth. It’s also a time when you emotions are heightened, with the power of the Moon behind you, your state of feeling good and being in the flow is magnified. If you have contributed to achieving and manifesting your goals, your visions, and your dreams, the results speak from themselves. For it is impossible to be feeling in the flow and not manifest many wonderful opportunities and positive experiences.  Remember, what may seemingly magically materialise at the Full Moon will always be preceded by dedicated and devoted work.

Note, if you are no closer to manifesting your goals, vision and dreams take the necessary steps to make adjustments. Let go – let flow. Consider under taking a Full Moon ceremony that offers an opportunity for releasing.


Moon Phases _ Disseminating Moon


Fruit falls, seeds drop and flowers fade: it’s time to give back. The gifts of success are now offered back to society. Through some form or another, be this through teaching, writing, researching of becoming active in your community.

Share value and meaning, communicate and connect with others. Like the term “disseminating’ itself, which refers to distribution; it’s time to give back.

Receiving is most powerful when accompanied with the feeling of gratitude. The more that you are able to receive in a gracious manner, the more you will be able to embrace the flow of life, contribute to others happiness, cultivate abundance and appreciate yourself a little more.



Moon Phases _ Third Quarter Moon


Leaves mature and start to change colour; the Moon continues to lose its light and progressively getting darker.

The third quarter phase offers a time for sharing with others, growing with others, and giving back with love.

Seeing and experiencing the harvests of your intentions come to form. It’s time to give back in your own unique way. This involves effort and consideration of others.

Giving or serving with a combination of instinct and creativity, without boundaries, and without depleting your own reserves. Seeing yourself as a contributor to the greater good.


Moon Phases _ Balsamic Moon


Leaves fall and plants either die naturally or withdraw. Nature seems to lie dormant until the season changes and Spring returns.

It’s time to take time alone, to reflect and process the lessons learnt, the achievements achieved and goals and dreams brought to life.

The Balsamic phase provides time and space for quiet, inner reflection and resilience to start a new. During this phase pay attention to the subtle sources of information that cross your path. You’ll discover that the right book, a conversation had, or a pearl of wisdom presents, a new teacher appears and guides you to make the changes needed to set you on your way, as the New Moon is only a day or three away.



Like all spiritual matters, the Moon is a powerful source and offers light and wisdom to those who grow and flow through her ebbs and flows to support changes. It is each person’s own decision whether to choose to harness her power or simply appreciate and admire her beauty.

While you ponder the offerings gifted by the Moon, the magic and miracle known as the cycle of life continues.

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Moon Phases

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