Create a life that brings you joy.

Your personalised 12 months manifestation guide with harnessing the energy of the New Moon to manifest and create your dreams and live a life that brings you joy.


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The Secret of Astrological Timing

In Astrology the Sun represents the essence of who you are. You can learn about your Sun sign here.  The Moon on the other hand represents your emotional nature. As the bright Sun journeys through the zodiac over the course of a year, it highlights different areas of your life – the twelve house and the zodiac signs that rules each house. The Sun shines a spotlight on the themes of your essential self development.

The Moon moves through our sky much more quickly, creating the rapid moves with the ebb and flow of the tidal waves of our emotions.

The significance of the Moon and its phases are reflected throughout history. Harnessing the energy of the Moon as she moves through each of the twelve zodiac signs every 28 days and aligning with each Moon phase supports you to manifest and create your dreams and live a life that brings you joy.

Reflecting on what the Moon is doing at each phase, be this gaining or losing light supports you with knowing the times for action and times for rest. Using the New Moon cycle to set intentions and the Full Moon to release are great starting points, to manifest your dreams, your goals, your desires.

Emotions are the language of Manifestation.

What you feel, you will manifest more of in your life. By changing your thoughts, you can change your emotions. Using a journal together with the Moon’s cycle will help you to choose the thoughts and feelings that you would like to have, so that you can manifest the life you dream of. Click here to download your FREE yearly calendar for for the Southern hemisphere and here for the Northern Hemisphere and follow the Moon through the her phases.

We all have dreams and without a dream, a conscious goal, or a strong intention to go in a specific direction, life can be like being in a boat without a paddle – and thrown around unpredictably by the waves.

Timing is everything!

Using the New Moon is the time that promotes all forms of growth and moves you to manifesting your dreams. Anything initiated on a New Moon day will be met with rapid growth.

Using your natal chart as your personal guide, you’ll work with and in harmony with the New and Full Moons over the course of twelve months. Providing support with manifesting your dreams, your wishes and desires.

At this New Moon plant a seed for the Universe to tend . Set your vision upon the stars.

No two lunation’s are alike. Your personalised twelve month New Moon Manifestation guide provides an understanding of each lunation energy, the influence on you and ways to maximise the opportunities that are awaiting you.

Additional resources excluding your personalised twelve month Manifestation Guide

  • Moon Phases guide
  • New Moon Practice and 12 x Rituals
  • 12 x Full Moon Rituals
  • Twelve page notepad (pdf format)

Are you ready to remove obstructions between yourself and the dreams of your heart? The effort of focusing to decide what it is you want and the act of writing your wishes down on paper requires effort and commitment.

Trust yourself, know when ‘it’ feels right.

Is this Guide for You?

Reach out and arrange a 30 minute Discovery Call to learn more about this 12 month guide, the tools that are provided and decide if this personalised guide is for you. Let’s connect here.

Ready to get started with manifestating your goals, your dreams and desires connecting and working in harmony with the Moon, submit your details below and begin harnessing the energy of the Moon.

Create space for yourself each month at the New Moon phase and harness the Moon’s energy’s with your own personalised twelve month Manifestation guide.

Awakening & Healing – Manifestation with the Moon $AUD395.00
NOTE The purchase of this consultation also requires you to provide your birth details:
Full Name, Birth Date, Accurate Birth Time and Birth Location.

Following purchase, I’ll be in contact by email for you to provide your birth details and arrange consultation date/time. Thank you

Following initial consultation, I’ll then provide your 12 month Manifestation with the Moon guide, together Moon Phases, New Moon Practice and 12 x Rituals, 12 x Full Moon Rituals and Twelve page notepad (pdf format).


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