Astrocartography, where location matters brings a whole new and far deeper dimension to why you return to a favourite location, or journey to a new one. Why you make the big move to relocate to somewhere totally new, be that a conscious choice or your intuition was guiding you. Why some new locations are far better than you could have possibly imagined it would be. Yet others have you on edge and questioning why are you there!

Discover the locations that matter for you, with a personalised 50 plus page e-booklet that support your personal growth and create a life that brings you joy.

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Location, location, location

When you’re leaving behind your birth location for a week or three to reconnect with a favourite location, or maybe this year a different location to try somewhere new. Or maybe you’re looking to stay for a much longer period and travel or relocate to experience the wonders of a new culture, or to escape from where you are, as you’re feeling stuck! Maybe there’s a need for time away alone to reconnect with self on a deeper level. Or, a wonderful job opportunity has presented and involves relocating to another part of your birth country, or maybe even another country. You’re feeling drawn by intuition, or the knowing that something, somewhere is calling you. There are many and varied reasons why we choose to travel and or relocate to another location.

Living an enriching life comes with lessons learnt and those waiting to be learnt. Are you open to learning more about you, your intuitive guidance and the locations that support your soul’s intentions.

This personalised approx. 50 – 60 page Where Location Matters e-booklet, covers planetary energies and possible lessons that support you to achieve your highest good, raise your consciousness and guide your personal development and evolution?

  • for your birth location
  • your 1st location choice
  • your 2nd location choice
  • your 3rd location choice

This is a personalised e-booklet. Please complete and submit form here with required information. Your birth details (Full Name, Birth Date, Birth Location and accurate Birth Time). Three locations of interest and why. Example: city/town for work opportunities, city/country for ancestral interests, city/country for business opportunities. Maybe, you’re wanting to write a book, or meet someone special?

NOTE: Your Where Location Matters e-booklet will then be emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase.

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