A downloadable annual Moon Calendar for the Southern Hemisphere to support you with harnessing the energy of the Moon’s phases, and manifest a life that brings you joy.

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A useful and stylish yearly calendar to start tracking the Moon cycle.

This free yearly calendar is designed to support you to follow the natural flow of the Moon and to bring you in alignment, balance and harmony in your life.

Follow the Moon using the Moon calendar, and follow along on Instagram and Facebook to learn what’s happening in the heavens during the New Moon and Full Moon phases as the energies change through the different zodiac signs. Join me each Monday for the weekly Astrology insights, and the beginning of each month for a video of the astrology highlight for the month ahead.

Follow the practice of being in the flow and crafting your New Moon intentions each month, practice a New Moon ritual and contribute to manifesting your intentions as they take form.

“Become aware of your thought and your feelings as much as you can. Once you become aware, stand guard at the doorway of your thoughts, and your life will change.” Sarah Prout

Download the Moon calendar now for your hemispherePrint as an A3 or A4 file, or use as a screen saver; as a journaling prompt and share with your Moon loving friends.

NOTE: You’ll need to select the ‘Purchase Button’ to download the current year Moon Calendar for your location, you will also be registered a a subscriber to the New Moon Interesting Insights monthly Newsletter. The Newsletter provides Astrological insights for the New Moon and Full Moon month ahead throughout the year. New Moon and Full Moon rituals are also available for each lunation to support you to maintain your inner peace and harmony and support your spiritual practice. In addition to private offers that are only available to New Moon Newsletter subscribers.


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