Your natal chart reveals the ancient wisdom of the Goddesses within and the magical consciousness that provides wisdom for life’s mysteries. Discover and befriend twelve of the Greco/Roman Goddesses in a personalised e-booklet.

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Discover and befriend the Goddesses Within.

A personalised look into your natal chart to reveal the twelve astrological Greco/Roman Goddesses that support your inherent nature and how to integrate and connect with the essence of these feminine energies.

The Goddess is the holder and custodian of life’s mysteries and archetypal energies that are representative of the inner feminine soul, engaging us in the sacred rites of nature throughout the cycles of birth and death. During antiquity Goddess culture flourished and was honoured for the magical consciousness that provided wisdom for life’s mysteries. Today, this wisdom is again revealed to support your with awakening this ancient wisdom.

This is a personalised e-booklet with 90 plus pages and a complimentary appendices including Goddess discovery times and additional Greek/Roman mythology.

To purchase and order your personalised Goddess Within e-booklet, please complete and submit form here with required information. Your birth details (Full Name, Birth Date, accurate Birth Time and Birth Location).

NOTE: Your Goddess Within e-booklet and complimentary 14 page appendices will then be emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase.


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