Discover what lies ahead for you during the coming year with your natal chart as your guide. A personalised 45 plus page report to support you to connect and navigate your inner flow to create abundance.

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Gain clarity and see what Lies Ahead

When you need a little insight as to what is unfolding for you. Discover what lies ahead during the coming year with your natal chart as your guide. Connect with your inner flow and abundance.

This personalised 45 plus e-booklet, covers topics of:

  • the years major theme
  • the years personal matters
  • personal challenges
  • personal lessons
  • your personal journey,
  • and a current three month timeline of significant dates to support you with navigating what lies ahead.  .

This is a personalised e-booklet. Please complete and submit form here with required information. Your birth details (Full Name, Birth Date, Birth Location and accurate Birth Time).

NOTE: Your Year Ahead e-booklet will then be emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase.

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