Astrological Alignment
Being at Home within the Universe

An astrologicial alignment consultation supports aligning you to expanding your life and finding a clearer understanding of a more meaningful contribution to your place within the Universe.

Using your personal astrology chart, each 60 minute consultation is intuitively personalised to be fully aligned with your higher self and soul path. Working with permission, you are guided through a process of inquiry and reflection whilst receiving astrological insight to bring a greater awareness and understanding of information being presented. Combining the principles of the ideomotor effect through the use of a hand held pendulum, to interpret ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses (similarly to kinesiology, muscle testing principles), and various vibrational healing techniques and tools you are supported with aligning to your highest potential and guided to sift through the murkiness or dense energy and gain clarity and connection with your soul’s purpose.

August 2021
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