Awakening & Healing
What Lies Ahead for You

Are you open to discovering and re-energising your full potential, and connecting with your soul’s purpose?

  • Do you recognise that you no longer fit, and feel like it’s time for change in one or more areas of your life?
  • You have an intuitive sense that there’s something more to living a life?
  • Yet, you don’t know where to start of how to navigate the change in direction your seeking?

Your unique Transformational Soul Journey starts here. Imagine the joy of understanding what you’re here in this life time to do. The comfort of knowing you have everything you need to fulfil your souls contract, and the inner confidence and grace to fully appreciate what it means to embrace you.

You’re here to experience, learn and grow… to fully understand the journey you chose for this lifetime and to enhance the lives of others in your own unique way..

During the course of twelve 90-120 minute sessions, together we’ll explore each of the astrological houses representing the specific areas of your life. The theme covered each week flows through the energies of twelve zodiac signs. Starting with Aries through to Pisces, and the planetary bodies that reside in each house. What each astrological placements are and what these mean to you.

Together using your personal horoscope and the supporting resource tools provided, we’ll journey through your horoscope, engaging and revealing the uniqueness the is you and reveal a clear picture of your most fulfilling journey ahead.

Each week you’ll need to allow yourself time to process the information, complete assigned tasks, together with quite moments of reflection and integration following each session.

I invite you to take yourself on an enriching twelve week journey of self discovery and self healing. This unique and transformational program uses the principles of psychological Astrology as a personal development tool. Whilst provides a supportive space that guides you on your own personal journey that is sure to awaken you to your higher consciousness, and your soul’s purpose.

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell

Your Awakening and Healing Soul Journey includes:

  • twelve weekly one-on-one coaching sessions
  • your own hardcopy journal
  • hardcopy workbook
  • 35 card Oracle Deck

Is this program for You?

Book using the calendar below to secure your place in the program. Following payment and submission of details required, I’ll then be in touch to send out your  workbook, journal and oracle cards. Together with arranging a set day and time for the twelve week program.


Need more information?

Reach out and arrange a 30 minute Discovery Call to learn more about the program, the tools that are provided and decide if this program is for you. Let’s connect here.

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