Career Coaching Consultation
Career Development, Transitions & Redeployment
  • Are you seeking change in your career?
  • Seeing your own potential with starting your own business?
  • Do you have an intuitive knowing that there’s something more to living a life?

Yet, you don’t know where to start, or how to navigate the change in direction you’re seeking?

Each of us has our own unique and personal agreement with our soul, to learn and fulfil agreed lessons during this lifetime, that supports our growth and gift to humanity.

To understand this quest, we use the personal development gift and tool of Astrology. Starting with your natal chart, also known as your birth chart or horoscope.

  • Your natal chart holds insights with identifying what your contribution is.
  • Your personal strengths, gifts and areas needing support.
  • Your visionary qualities, together with your creative talents and communication style.

As an efficient communicator with 20 years experience in Human Resources Management and supported by formal qualifications in Adult Education, I’ve supported many employees through career development, transitions and redeployment in both the Australian public and private sectors.

My commitment to you is to bring my passion for supporting people to achieve personal success to a new level using Astrology.

In short during the initial 90 minute consultation we’ll explore your unique gifts, and together form a plan of how best to approach the present challenges, opportunities.

The result being – connecting to your passion, together with aligning with your hearts longing for a purposeful life.

This consultation is provided at a cost of $AUD135.00.

NOTE: Through the booking & purchase process, you’ll be required to complete the below online form, to provide your birth details (Full Name, Birth Date, Accurate Birth Time and Birth Location). Thank you

Looking for a unique and insightful outlook on you, to learn, grow and evolve? Let’s connect.

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