Insights Into the Year Ahead
Align with your Flow & Abundance

What lies ahead for you, for the coming year?

The Natal Chart shows us the overreaching picture of your life’s journey, yet it is the experiences that you live that support you in your development with learning life lessons.

For those having learnt from a Natal Chart consultation, you’ll know your Sun sign. However, it’s likely that already knew your Sun sign, as Sun sign astrology has become well known. You can read about your Sun sign here.

When reviewing what lies ahead for the coming year; we’ll be using your Solar Return chart. As the Sun has returned to the position of your birth. A common term used on your Birthday being, ‘many happy returns’.

Taking this one step further, this 90 minute consultation looks at what connections the Sun is making with the planets. Revealing patterns and openings to discovering what experiences, lessons and opportunities that may present during the coming year and how to work in flow to create abundance. The consultation also looks more closely at dates for the coming three months to support you with exploring opportunities for personal and professional growth.

This consultation is provided at a cost of $AUD117.00. Ideally it’s best to have this consultation following a Natal Chart consultation, however not essential.

NOTE: Through the purchase process, you’ll be required to complete an online form, to provide your birth details (Full Name, Birth Date, Accurate Birth Time and Birth Location). Thank you

A 60 minute follow up consultation is available on request to look deeper into the infinite layers that lay ahead.

If you are new to Astrology and interested in reading at your leisure, and referring to a written source of information; you may prefer to purchase your year ahead report, approx. 45 pages here, including the first three months personalised timeline. Please note: at all times, it is for you to make use of your most positive characteristics during the periods indicated in the report.

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