Natal Chart Consultation
Innate Abilities & Authentic Purpose

A Natal Chart consultation is the starting point for future Astrology consultations.

We each have a personal agreement with our soul, to learn and fulfil agreed lessons during this lifetime.

To understand this quest, we use the personal development gift and tool of Astrology. Starting with your natal chart, also known as your birth chart or horoscope.

  • Your natal chart describes lessons and experiences your soul seeks to learn.
  • The strengths and weaknesses that contribute to how you engage with the journey.
  • The visionary qualities, together with your creative talents and communication style.
  • To the patterns of relationships and your means of work that describes the inner and outer landscape  of your life’s journey.

In short during this 90 minute consultation we’ll explore the essence that is you, and together form a plan of how best to approach the present challenges, opportunities.

The result being – connecting to your souls path and aligning with your hearts longing for a purposeful life.

Ideally it’s best to have this consultation before proceeding to other consultation, however not essential.

August 2021
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