The Goddess Within
Honouring your Inner Goddesses

Attuning with your inner Goddess energy, and the richness of the many elements that lie within. Opening to a level of awareness linked to the divine feminine spirit. Removed of ego, judgment or harm, and deeply tied to nature, mysticism, wisdom, intuition, purity and matters of the heart.

We each hold both feminine and masculine energies. Tapping into the masculine when we’re needing to perhaps get a lot of projects done at once, amongst many other tasks. Yet, its important to step into our feminine energy as much as possible to create a more harmonious balance within ourselves. That wonderful place where we connect, re-connect with the source of divine love. It’s like coming home.

During this 60 minute consultation befriend with your inner Goddesses: Ceres – nurturer. Pallas Athena – the wise warrior. Hygeia – health and healing. Hecate – guiding and support through the crossroads throughout life; and others. Start your journey of reflection in honouring yourself, your internal female Goddess and all the beautiful energy that Goddess-ness invokes.

NOTE: Through the purchase process, you’ll be required to complete an online form, to provide your birth details (Full Name, Birth Date, Accurate Birth Time and Birth Location). Thank you

If you are new to Astrology and interested in reading at your leisure, and referring to a written source of information; you may prefer to purchase your Inner Goddess report, approx. 90 plus pages here. Plus a complimentary 14 page introduction guide to Greek Mythology.   Please note: at all times, it is for you to make use of your most positive characteristics during the periods indicated in the report.


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