Where Location Matters
A Change of Place, Brings a Change in Focus

Astrology guides and supports us in understanding the inner and outer realities and potentials of past, present and future life cycles. Our experiences throughout these cycles help shape our future, together with the lessons learnt, those yet to unfold and supressed psychological potentials waiting to be manifested.

Where these various lessons, experiences and potentials that require outer manifestations are; are defined by a location in the world, thus adding greater dimension and clarity to the lessons, experiences and potential waiting to be had.

The practice of defining the location is through Astrocartography. A form of astrology that shows the planetary energy lines for the individual’s natal chart. Planetary locations by areas, countries and cities that provide harmonious and challenging experiences, and an individual’s innate calling for specific purposes. For example, if you find yourself being guided to a given location for an unknown reason following a period of personal transition. Knowing you need to be somewhere that provides a supportive environment for your personal growth and healing. A place that enables a feeling of being deeply connected with your life path and that enables a reconnect with the light within. You’re likely being guided to a location where your Sun, Venus or Jupiter line is.

If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.

  -Paulo Coehlo

Whatever the reason, Astrocartography where location matters is here to help and support you with gaining clarity and discovering why you’re being guided to your choice of location. Bringing you into greater alignment with being your authentic self, integrating supressed psychological potential and supporting you with fulfilling your soul’s journey.

Are you feeling called to a particular location in the world?

Learn ‘where’ you’re being called, and ‘what’s’ calling you.

Submit your booking below and discovery why you’re intuition and desires are guiding you to discover new locations.

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Booked consultations for this service is offered through Skype.

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