The Subtle Art of Overcoming Loneliness

The Subtle Art of Overcoming Loneliness

This is generally not something that I would normally write about, however having seen numerous posts on social media during the past few months and the impact that our global situation is having on many, I felt it was important to acknowledge and honour those who are feeling disconnected from family, friends and general social contact with others.

Feelings of loneliness sometimes catch up with the best of us. For people who work remotely, the feeling can wreak havoc if they don’t take action early enough. The pandemic and social distancing measures that have come with it don’t make the situation any better.

Loneliness is widespread all over the world, and sometimes it goes undetected by the outside world. The surprising bit is that loneliness is more common in younger people than the elderly. Whether you’re young or old, loneliness isn’t healthy for you, especially if it sets you on a downward spiral emotionally. 

How to Save Yourself from Loneliness

If you still don’t think that loneliness is a significant problem, some insights might surprise you. Policymakers allocate a significant portion of resources for dealing with loneliness. Although they address and classify it as a social issue, it can escalate into a mental problem.

Whether a social or mental problem, loneliness is a problem you can overcome and feel less alone in this world. Use these tips to get you started.

Practice Mindfulness

One thing that contributes to feelings of loneliness is being too preoccupied with the past or future. Learn to live intentionally whereby you focus on the right things happening around you at the moment. Be on the lookout for positive things and don’t give attention to the negative vibe.

If possible, share these moments with people around you. They don’t have to be big or remarkable. When people celebrate with you for your small wins, you feel that you’re not alone in the world.

Practice Kindness

Please be mindful and avoid placing blame on yourself for things that have gone wrong in the past or for difficult moments. When loneliness sets in, it’s very easy to blame yourself for issues beyond your control. This is the best time to love yourself and connect with your inner self.

Wake up, get dressed and look your best. Pick that beautiful outfit you’ve not worn for years, feel and look good in it. Accessorize with some jewellery and grab a nice-looking pair of fashion eyeglasses from Take yourself to a day spa and have a massage or healing treatment. There’s always time for good food, so treat yourself to a healthy meal in a welcoming café or restaurant.

When you’re kind to yourself first, the overflow can be felt on people around you. Only then can you be kind to other people. Consider interacting with people with fewer privileges and making them feel better about themselves. The effect will ripple back to you.

Connect with People

Reach out to others in your contact list and be intentional about connecting with them. Instead of posting social media pictures in search of likes and comments, make real connections. Call people and have real conversations instead of texting them. If possible, repeat the connections and increase the circle of contacts every week.

Final Thoughts

For those feeling the impact of loneliness, accepting that you’re lonely is the first step towards overcoming and addressing the feeling. Start by acknowledging that you’re not to blame for the feeling. Make deliberate efforts to love yourself, be kind to yourself and others, and make real human connections. This way, you’ll reduce loneliness in yourself and the ripple effects flows onto others.

Be well, stay safe and be kind to your beautiful heart.

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  • Catherine Boardman 31 October 2020 8:57 pm

    Wise words, things that we should all do everyday

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