What’s Holding You Back from Unlocking True Inner Peace?

What’s Holding You Back from Unlocking True Inner Peace?

There are likely a number of reasons that you could put forward based on your personal circumstances and, any given time in your life as to what’s holding you back from unlocking true inner peace.

As an intuitive astrologer I’m gifted with interpreting, understanding and imparting planetary cycles and the Moon cycles for myself, you and others. On a personal level, knowing how these cycles contribute to my day to day interactions, contribute to supporting my purpose and personal goals and achieving these outcomes is a valuable insight that supports me with maintaining an element of inner peace.

However, this is only one aspect of how I do my best to maintain inner peace and continue to live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Given our forever evolving societies and the many changes to how humanity collectively flows with these changes, other considerations are also needed.  Below, I offer six of the most commonly overlooked issues that I personally have been researching in recent months that will certainly contribute to maintaining my true inner peace. I hope you find them of interest also and that these support you to unlock and reconnect with your inner peace and bring you positive results that last.

Manifestation Connecting with the Cycles of Nature

Connecting with the cycles of nature

Following daily astrology is one thing. However, if you want to unlock the very best results, connect with the cycles of nature. Appreciating how the Moon impacts your mood, you energy levels, your communication, and your practice of self care is a wonderful daily guide to maintaining your inner peace.  Affirmations and self-reflection will also provide noticeable improvements.

When used as part of your daily or weekly meditation practice you’ll be contributing to a conscious effort that will lead to a peaceful life and your mindset will gain greater stability.


Overlooking physical health

Physical health and mental health are very closely connected. Therefore, it’s best not to overlook physical wellness when contributing to a healthy body, mind, and soul. Failure to address sources of discomfort and dis-ease will have a detrimental impact on your mindset. Likewise, hearing loss and fading eyesight can pose a real threat if left untreated.

Aside from improving your quality of life, this consideration will allow you to place greater focus on the pursuit of inner peace. Perfect.

What’s Holding You Back from Unlocking True Inner Peace 

Uncertainties around security 

I’ve personally been researching this topic in more detail in the recent past, given the faced paced introduction of “AI” and the devastating impact that this new technology is having in various online fields. Not to mention the invasive impact that Google inflicts on every other aspect of our life.

Having learnt about the “AI” impacts on the travel blogging sector with regards to full plagiarism by some travel bloggers, including copy and paste of full text and photos, I can certainly acknowledge the devastating effect that “AI” is also having on other blogging sectors.  Google tracking our every move by location and every place we eat, shop etc. that then fills our Google search with ads is something that really disrupts my inner peace.  Therefore, inner peace isn’t only dictated by our personal decisions. The knowledge that others can cause detrimental impacts on your life looms large. So, removing vulnerabilities to potential attacks is vital. Knowing how to secure your Internet connection will reduce digital threats. Meanwhile, security cameras are an ideal option for protecting the home.

We can all appreciate that prevention is the best form of protection; this will keep your mind in a more calming place. Not to mention, this consideration will also save you from having to repair the damage.


An inferior support network

We can all appreciate the joys of a supportive network; however your support network can either hinder or harm your pursuit of inner peace. If you’re struggling to connect with your tranquillity and inner peace, despite a conscious effort to do it, reflection may be needed. Stepping away from toxic relationships or friends that lead you to bad decisions and/or lack of positive contribution. Remember your inner intuition is your greatest friend and knows what’s best for you to maintain your inner peace and stability.

Besides, spending less time on the wrong people in your life allows you to dedicate more time to the right ones.


What’s Holding You Back from Unlocking True Inner Peace

The wrong surroundings

People aren’t the only surroundings that influence your state of mind. Your physical surroundings can be equally crucial. Create yourself the ideal space for meditation and conscious connection with yourself. Be this a space for deep breathing exercises, journaling, time out to read or just time with your pet. Many people also find that a dedicated gardening space delivers many rewards.

When the surroundings actively encourage you to tap into a sense of inner peace, your hopes of doing it will increase.


Learn to forgive yourself

Life is short, and you’ve probably forgiven others after they have wronged you. Sadly, many people find it more difficult to forgive themselves. If you’re someone who finds self forgiveness difficult, now is the time to start. You cannot change the past, you can only learn from your mistakes. Let the past be just that; the past, you cannot change the past.

We’re all on our own personal journey. As long as you truly embrace your journey of personal growth and development, inner peace will follow.

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Be well, stay safe and be kind to your beautiful heart.

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What’s Holding You Back from Unlocking True Inner Peace

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