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The Astrology of Place

Many people leave behind their birth location for a week or three to reconnect with a favourite location, or maybe this year a different location to try somewhere new. Yet there are others that leave for a much longer period and travel or relocate to experience the wonders of a new culture, or to escape from where they are, as they’re feeling stuck! Maybe there’s a need for time away alone to reconnect with self on a deeper level. Or, a wonderful job opportunity has presented and involves relocating to another part of your birth country, or maybe even another country. Then there are others who feel drawn by intuition, or the knowing that something, somewhere is calling them. There are many and varied reasons why we choose to travel and or relocate to another location.

Yet, have you ever wondered why you keep going back to a favourite location? The location that feels like you’re in synch with yourself, and things just fall into place whilst giving you that uplifted feeling!  Maybe you decided to relocate to a new location for work opportunities. Yet, something within felt unsettling and at odds with you! Or an unknown reason drew you to a location that you’d never thought about visiting and to your delight and surprise, was far more than you had ever dreamed.

The astrology of place, where location matters brings a whole new and far deeper dimension to why you return to a favourite location, or journey to a new one. Why you make the big move to relocate to somewhere totally new, be that a conscious choice or your intuition was guiding you. Why some new locations are far better than you could have possibly imagined it would be. Yet others have you on edge and questioning why are you there!

Astrology provides insight and answers to many unknown questions. Your natal (birth) chart also known as your horoscope provides a greater perspective and understanding of you; your individual temperament, emotional and mental personality, and so much more.

Another area of Astrology, known as Mundane, is the astrology of the collective trends and cycles that stimulates and motivates entire generations of people. These collective cycles, will unavoidably affect each of us based on our own natal chart, and subsequently deepen our personal experiences whilst also expanding and shifting our, and the collective, consciousness.

Given the depth and breadth of Astrology’s reach on the individual and the collective, I see Astrology as a gift. A gift that reveals not only your sun sign personality traits; it is the gift that also reveals the path of your individual journey, based on the planetary placements and interactions (conversations) with other planetary bodies as archetypal guides.

The Astrology of Place - Where Location Matters

Planetary guides that support you with navigating inner and outer realities and potentials of past, present and future life cycles. Your experiences throughout these life cycles help shape your future, provide opportunities for personal development and growth, and reveal suppressed psychological potentials waiting to be manifested. Living a lifetime of potential also comes with a lifetime of lessons, lessons learnt and those waiting to be learnt.

Where these experiences, potential for personal development and growth, and lessons that require outer manifestations present, are defined by a location in the world that brings an added, thus greater dimension and clarity to the experiences, potential and lessons waiting to be had.

Astrology of Place - Where Location Matters

The practice of defining the location is through Astrocartography ™ – trademarked by Astrologer Jim Lewis back in 1978, and also known as ‘Astrolocality’, or Re/Location Astrology. The word Astrocartography derives from the ancient Greek word dating back to 150AD – uranography (ουρανογραφια), ουρανος meaning sky, heaven + γραφειν meaning to write; the mapping of the sky (the stars, and planetary bodies). A form of astrology that uses your natal chart and shows the planetary energy lines in different locations around the world. The individual planets are seen as culmination (the highest point in the sky, i.e. Midheaven (MC)), your soul’s purpose or anticulminating (the lowest point in the sky, i.e. Imum coeli (IC)), your inner world; these lines are always lines of longitude. Whereas the rising (ASC) or setting (DSC) planetary lines are the flowing circles around the world and are shown as a curve on the world map.  In addition, paran lines are lines of latitude that show two planetary bodies (planets or stars) that are in an angular relationship, between the meridian and the horizon at the latitude.

The various forms of lines intersect with planetary locations and are shown by areas around the world, countries, and even down to city and town locations. These locations provide challenging and harmonious thus enriching experiences, waiting to be had and provide support with fulfilling your innate calling for a specific purpose.

All planetary placements are of prominent importance; however as an example using the ‘Sun’ placement in a person’s natal chart provides meaning behind the different ‘Sun’ placements by location. The Sun in one location may be rising (ASC), yet in another location, setting (DSC). Yet, again in another location the Sun could be peaking to its highest point in the sky (culminating (MC)), or at its lowest point in the sky (anti-culminating (IC)).

The energy of an experience, or focus along a ‘Sun’ rising (ASC) line, gives an uplifted feeling. A feeling of being in synch with one’s self, and be more comfortable with your abilities to achieve and shine. It’s as though everything is going you way and one’s destiny is unfolding. Creativity and creation is shining upon you and you can visualise the ‘Sun’ shining down and highlighting what is possible. It is also along a ‘Sun’ rising (ASC) line that you will gain self-confidence and start making changes that are noticed by others. What’s more, and regardless of your sun sign personality traits you are likely to become more assertive and discover many truths about yourself. Becoming more self-reliant is also likely. In fact all the “self” words will come to the fore along this line including self-realisation, self-actualisation and self-orientation. It’s also important to be aware of the ego and becoming self-centred.

As an example, I’m born in Brisbane city, Queensland Australia.

Taking a closer look at my Sun placement, you’ll see the Sun is rising (ASC) along the South East Corner of Queensland.

Note: The energy of a location, aligning with the Sun, Moon and all planetary body lines pass through and area of approx. 1125 km, or 700 miles, in all directions.

The Astrology of Place - Where Location Matters

Whilst growing up in Brisbane, my family spent many holidays enjoying the beaches and the National Parks found along South East Queensland’s, Sunshine Coast region. The Sunny Coast as it’s affectionately known was always my happy place. In my mid-twenties I relocated to the Sunny Coast and the happy place vibes and feelings were always with me. I moved away for a period of time to complete studies in Brisbane, however I returned to the Sunny Coast and again found myself in my happy place, so much so that I bought a home. Friends and work colleagues thought I was crazy as living on the Sunny Coast and working in Brisbane city, meant I had a five hour return daily commute.

The Astrology of Place - Where Location Matters

I had created (having added an extension to an existing home) and lived in a beautiful and calming home environment with my home becoming my sanctuary. I would spend my evenings and weekends embracing and enjoying my sanctuary, advancing my desire to learn and sharing the simple joys of life with friends. It was during my time in this ‘home’ that I completed additional (distant) tertiary studies to advance my career options. However, it was also when I began the reconnection with my childhood interests of the esoteric wonders and more specifically, Astrology. I connected with some interesting and enlightening people who were inspiring me to learn… more. Unknown to me at the time of buying the home in the location that I did; yet I soon learnt that I was living on my natal ‘Sun’ rising (ASC) line. A-mazing!

Astrology of Place - Where Location Matters

Back to my natal chart and you’ll also note a blue line running top to bottom (longitude) that again runs through the Sunny Coast. Not all was shining brightly. The energy of an experience, or focus along a ‘Neptune’ anticulminate (IC) line, certainly provides an ideal location for seeking tranquillity, discovering your spiritual home and providing quiet times with self and times shared with close friends and loved ones.

However, the ‘Neptune’ anticulminate (IC) line also presents a sense of confusion and delusion around immediate family. For me, things on the family front were not all they were made out to be. My family relationships proved vulnerable to deception, with subtle undercurrents creeping into relationships with some family members that left me with a sense of uncertainty as to the strength of individual relationships.

Fast forward a number of years to 2015. Having created a successfully career and made a number of relocations across my birth country for work that also gave me opportunity to travel and see more of Australia. I found myself at a turning point in one of the many life cycles. It was time to sell the beautiful and calming home on the Sunny Coast. I was feeling the nudge of destiny once again and accepting that I had achieved personal satisfaction in my career, and that it was time to embrace the next stage of my life journey. Where that would be and what that would involve, was yet to manifest.

A significant life lesson was unfolding and I found myself being guided to a particular location on the other side of the world for an unknown reason following a period of personal transition. Yet, an internal knowing was also guiding me to be somewhere that provided a supportive environment for personal growth and healing.

The Astrology of Place - Where Location Matters

I travelled to Greece and stayed on the island of Crete for four months (during winter). Much was achieved, on many levels, both personally and with creating the foundations for my business. Yet, more was to unfold and continues to unfold with Crete now being home.

Relocating to Crete as one would anticipate, certainly changed the course of my life. Whilst culture, religious faith, language, food and a very different way of living quickly presented, Astrocartography presented a much deeper dimension.

The Astrology of Place - Where Location Matters

Looking again at my natal chart, as a relocated chart to Greece and the Island of Crete, the first planetary placement shows a very strong Pluto anticulminating (DSC) line across western Crete (that happens to be the area of Crete, where I live). The energy of an experience, or focus along this powerful line, highlights and heightens significant personal and business unions that bring positive change and transformation, following challenging situations and experiences.

Being here, I have certainly experienced difficult challenges with regards to associations with others that showed dishonesty and a lack of integrity that provided very powerful and significant life lessons. Yet I have also met and created strong bonds and friendships with others that have enriched my life in ways I never dreamed possible.

Astrocartography - The Astrology of Place - Where Location Matters

Looking again at my relocated natal chart, you’ll also note a strong Mars anticulminating (DSC) line running west of the island of Crete. The energy of an experience, or focus along this challenging line, is offering the spirit of courage, confidence to follow your desire and act/do. Mars is the planet that gives you drive and this drive can also be shown/seen as wilful expression that personifies a competitive nature in relationships/partnerships. Arguments with others are very likely, therefore connecting with your spirit of compromise and cooperation becomes a key lesson to creating greater harmony.

As with my Pluto line (noted above), being here, I have certainly experienced difficult challenges with regards to ‘some’ associations with others that have shown to be dishonesty in their connections with me. It’s been an insightful observational experience and again I am deeply grateful to learn from other locals the need to create and define personal boundaries that open to creating greater harmony.

Astrocartography The Astrology of Place - Where Location Matters

The planet Jupiter, believed by the ancient astrologers to be highly favourable brings joy, expansion and abundance. The energy of an experience, or focus along this line provides an opportunity for success in your chosen field, with prosperity and social acceptance also highly possible. Jupiter bestows abundant blessings upon those who have done/doing the work and opens you to more than you could ever dream whilst showering you with the freedom to express yourself in ways you have never done before.

My relocated natal chart shows Jupiter to the right of the island of Crete and what may seemingly be a distance away. Yet this abundant planet that is the largest planet in our solar system is within the 1125 km, or 700 miles radius bringing a sense that all limitations have been lifted enabling me to follow my heartfelt wishes. What was possible; what was being manifested? This experience was certainly the case during my initial four month stay as much was achieved, including the hard copy creation of content/graphics for the workbook, journal and oracle cards provided to complete the Awakening and Healing Astrology program. The opportunity to travel and experience many known and less known antiquity sites scattered across the island, thanks to the kindness by locals who joyfully shared their personal knowledge of history and historical events. Expanding my world and gifting me with happiness and joy.  A mazing!

Astrocartography The Astrology of Place - Where Location Matters

The north node represents our karmic objectives in this lifetime. The energy of an experience, or focus along this line points the way towards soul growth and evolution. Locations along the North Node line, feel like home, whilst the people you meet feel like you’ve known before. This line is your date with Destiny and therefore plays a very important role.

During my initial four month visit, I certainly experienced the feeling of “being home”, so much so that I returned, and I’m still here. There have also been two or three people that I felt certain, I’d known before. An experience known as an ‘efiáltis’ strengthened this feeling of certainty. This unexplained literal experience is karmic and can present as difficult situations that have resulted from past life mistakes. Taking up the practice of journaling these karmic experiences has certainly provided opportunity for me to later reflect on how fate had played a role.

My journey continues, and island life at a slower pace and the opportunity to integrate new ‘challenging’ and enriching experiences that bring about change, together with supporting my personal growth and soul’s evolution is certainly agreeing with me during this cycle of my life. Therefore, without challenges, there is no joy and it is the creation of strong bonds and friendships with others that has brought much joy.

I’m reminded of one of my favourite quotes by Frank Herbert

“Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.”

It is important to understand that no location is bad or good. A location provides the gift of a challenge that results in joy; or the gift of joy that opens you to desiring grown that brings a challenge. Therefore, your birth, your birth location is no coincidence, it is a synchronistic event. As are the experiences that present in the various locations around the world where the planetary bodies guide and support you with navigating inner and outer realities. Bringing experiences that help shape your future, provide opportunities for personal development and growth, and reveal suppressed psychological potentials waiting to be manifested.

Regardless of the reason, be this intuitive guidance or desire, Astrocartography is here to help and support you with gaining clarity and discovering why you’re being guided or desiring to experience a location. Acknowledging and honouring this guidance brings you into greater alignment with being your authentic self, providing experiences for integrating supressed psychological potential, supporting you while fulfilling your soul’s calling and enriching your life.

Living an enriching life comes with lessons learnt and those waiting to be learnt. Are you open to learning more about you, your intuitive guidance and the locations that support your soul’s intentions; while supporting you to achieve your highest good, raise your consciousness and guide your personal development and evolution?

Astrocartography The Astrology of Place - Where Location Matters

Are you feeling called to a particular location in the world?

Learn ‘where’ you’re being called, and ‘what’s’ calling you.

A consultation for this service is offered through Skype, book here.

When booking your consultation you will be required to provide ‘three’ location choices based on either intuition or desire and the reason why you feel called or desire to experience each of the three locations.

Please Note: when booking an Astrocartography consultation you’ll need to provide your birth details: birth date, birth time and birth location (town/city and country). To ensure the accuracy and validity of the information provided, your accurate birth time is essential.  For those who are unaware of their accurate birth time, please reach out to learn possible options to obtain this information.

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Astrocartography | Where Location Matters

Astrocartography | Where Location Matters

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  • Marijke Doldersum

    Very interesting post. I am impressed with your knowledge as you lost me on several occasions. Although I love Australia and was drawn to that country I never felt that the connection was right. I never found what I thought I would find there yet I missed it after I left in 2017. Not any more now.

    • Marilyn

      Thank you Marijke, appreciate you comment and kind words. I hope the post wasn’t to technical. We share a common sense, I also no longer miss my birth country, however I will always have a strong appreciation for the beauty of the natural landscape.

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